Well met, traveler! I am Fenix, a hobby game developer who enjoys making fun games. My mission is to create an enjoyable gaming experience for all players – rather than being money grabby with cringy gameplay. With the help of other passionate gamers and professional game devs alike, we have created Nerdy Spectre Gaming.
Our philosophy is to never implement a "pay to win" model in our games. This does not mean that we are not for profit, but rather, we believe in players paying for a product that they actually enjoy. Our free games, which are coming soon to Android and iOS, will be released in a complete and fully working stage. These apps will be totally enjoyable as is, and any additional purchases will cover additional content or cosmetic changes only. We will never charge real life money to unlock in-game upgrades or anything that would give one player an advantage over another.
Additionally, Nerdy Spectre will also release early access games on Windows and Mac. These games will be designed to get feedback from valued players like you, while also building a following throughout the development process. These minimally playable games will be released for free, but as major updates are done, a nominal price will be placed. However, once you have purchased the game, you will never be charged again, and will receive the final product and all updates in between for free. This is our way of thanking players for directly contributing to the game with bug reports, ideas, and feedback, and also helping fuel our coffee cravings. 
Want to learn more about Nerdy Spectre, or just say hello? Follow us on Twitter or send us an email at [email protected]. :)