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  • A Heartfelt Farewell to Unity: Trust Shattered and Games Suspended
    Dear friends, fellow gamers, and game devs alike, I write this today with a heavy heart as I share with you the emotional journey I’ve… Read more: A Heartfelt Farewell to Unity: Trust Shattered and Games Suspended
  • Starting Development – New Tower Defense Game
    Take on the role of a powerful wizard, who must defend the kingdom from an onslaught of… pretty adorable enemies. The game features unique gameplay, where the wizard’s castle can be moved around the expansive map while strategically placing towers and turrets to defend against the incoming baddies.
  • Starting Development – New RTS Game
    A name for this game is coming soon as more details are being ironed out, but you can expect a diverse world full of lore. It features a variety of different units, each with their own unique abilities and strengths, and an expansive world full of abundant resources imperative to kingdom building, magic spells, upgrading technology, and, most importantly of all, victory.
  • Starting Development – New Casual Game
    It's gonna start off as a simple yet addictive game featuring a colorful ball that you must guide through various obstacles and challenges. Your mission: roll the ball to the end of each level while collecting shiny thingies and power-ups along the way. As we progress development, these graphics will change to look more like promised... They will be nothing but cute, cuddle casual and fun.


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